Settin' Up Camp for RondyList... U.S. Historic Reenactment Event Calendar

Settin' Up Camp for RondyList... U.S. Historic Reenactment Event Calendar

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The Best Darn Rendezvous Listing on the Web

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I’m Bearded Tree (not to be confused with Treebeard of Tolkien fame!), Wildman of the Wasatch, fixer of 'puters, website builder, hunter, fisher, black powder shooter and teacher of ancient wisdom! I wonder the woods and camp unseen. I leave a trail only an injun can foller! I can hoot like an owl, howl like a wolf, and roar like a griz. I've wondered the Web fer nigh on 20 years now, and skinned and  cooked 'puter data fer 10 years longer than that.

Have a sit right there and let me tell you all a tale of heartbreak and glory!

Twenty years ago, I applied my skills as a data-miner to build, the only self-building, self-expiring, Mountain Man Rendezvous calendar on the web. Fer almost ten years it served as a beacon for all those wantin’ to find U.S. Furtrade and Civil War reenactment events in their area, annually listin’ hundreds of events fer the whole country.

But ladies and gents, I fell on some real busy times...and then my family and I fell on some real hard times, and somewhere along the way I overlooked the domain registration fee. That's when cyber-squatters came in and jumped my claim on

Well, now my daughters have all left to have youngins of their own, but I’ve still got my wife and boys with me. I’ve traveled far and wide and done many a deed, but I never stopped sheadin’ tears over the good thing that had been Whenever I checked in on it, while them squatters were runnin’it, it was nuthin’ but an ugly, mini Google watanabe,  a shadow of it's former self, and I knowed they must a been gettin’ purty sick of hangin’ onto it and paying them registration and server fees year after year. Them flatlanders just didn't know squat about data-minin’ a furtrade reenactment calendar. Of course, they were in it fer the money, an I knowed that. I never made any coin runnin’ it, an’ I knowed what I was doin’! It had been a labor of love all along and I loved it more than anyone and it's no wonder that them thar plunderin’, city slicker, cyber-squaters weren't happy with it...especially after ye all quit stoppin’ by such a useless website.

Well anyways, two autumns past I was ridin’ by and seen it was up fer sale!

I hollered, “How much ye all want fer it?”

“How much ye offerin’?” I heard someone holler back.

“I donknow.”

“Go away, yer botherin’ us.”

So I considered the question all winter, and then stopped back by in the spring.

“One wagin load of plunder for it?”


“In the fall!”

“Come back by in the fall then!”

So I got my furs together and rode into their camp last fall. The man in charge of sellin’ domain claims came out of his lodge and met with me as I sat my horse.

“You ready to make an offer?” says he.

“Yep,” says I.

“Well, they says they'll part with it for 3 wagins of plunder.”

Them leachin’ cyber-squaters! Thar weren't no way I was gonna pay so much fer somethin’ I'd never made a rat’s hide off of to begin with.

“I'll pay 1.”

He went inside fer a minit, then came back.

“2,” says he.

“It's worth 1,” says I.

He squinted at me like I had a wriggling critter stickin’ outa my nose. I was breakin’ the tradin’ rules and I ain't all that sure he knowed I knowed it.

“Ain't you gonna make a better offer than that?”

I leaned forward I'm the saddle and looked at 'im hard.

“Here's my better offer, I'll ride away and let ye folks starve here fer another winter, and then I'll come back this time next year and still only offer ye 1 wagon load a plunder fer it!”

He went back in and talked to them. It didn't take ‘im long to hurry back out grinnin’.

“Ye got it with ye?”

I pointed at it.

“It's right over thar,” I says, “Take it an’ git.”

“Yahoo!” the pilgrim yelled, and threw his hat in the air as he turned and hallered at the lodge. “Break camp and hitch up that thar wagin! We're leavin’!”

It was worth all them furs just to sit and watch them pilgrims ride off over the hilltop. RondyList just ain't worth nuthin’ to no one 'cept me and the folks it served: Bushways lookin’ fer help gettin’ the word out for their rendezvous, traders and crafts persons plannin’ their summer wonderins, and buckskinners and pilgrims lookin’ for some weekend fun.

Well it's back.'s comin’back. Ye all will need to be patient. It’ll take me some time to get suitable minin’ machinery selected and setup agin. I'll try an’ have somethin' useful up and goin’ by summer, but I ain't makin’ no promises on that. In the meantime I'll set up some kind of message board and start askin’ any of ye that cares to start spreadin’ the word that is back in bizness! I'll let ye leave comments here. Also, look fer us on Twitter @RondyList and on Yee'all can even start sendin' emails to, but they won't get posted until I've got somewheres to put 'em.

Yer all free to stop by any of them places and palaver, but behave yerselves or I'll run ye off. When the list is back up I'll give ye all another holler an’ ye can start postin’ yer get togethers agin’ like before.



Long ago, a dataminer missed a Mountain Man Rendezvous and said, "Never Again!"

Not long from now ya'all will be able to come here to list or find Liv'in History doin's in yer area. But you'll just need to hold yer horses for a spell little while I set up camp.

image-placeholder Is Back Online!

So stop Googlin' "Rendezvous" to find doin's in yer area (ye get pretty scary results from doin' that anyways!)




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